A small selection of referrals


To whom it may concern:

Auckland stonemasons recently carried out work for Hawkins construction ltd. At the Auckland regional women’s correctional facility located in Wiri, Auckland.

They constructed stone veneer walls, free standing walls and installed stone bordering to courtyard areas.

Their management was professional, co-operative and easy to work with. The same can be said for their tradesmen on site.

The quality of their work is excellent, and I would be happy to work with them again.

Brian Ross
Project manager


Fulton Hogan Ltd

To whom it may concern
Re: Auckland stonemason’s ltd

We have been approached by Auckland Stonemasons Ltd for a reference, as to their company’s competency and skills in the areas of work covered by their company.

We are one of the largest civil engineering and roading companies in new Zealand with branches located throughout the country, because of the nature of our work, we need to employ companies such as Auckland stonemasons ltd as subcontractors on various contracts, we have on hand, where there may be an element of stonemasonry involved.

Over the years, we have employed various stonemasons but have found very few who could meet the standards we insist on, apart from Auckland stonemasons ltd. As we are required to be competitive, when bidding for work, we are ever mindful that the lowest bidder on work to be carried out by subcontractor stonemasons is not always an option we can entertain.
We have found that in many cases they cannot produce the work to the standards specified. This has never been the case, as far as Auckland Stonemasons Ltd are concerned.
Because of the high quality of workmanship offered by Auckland Stonemasons Ltd, we have tended to use them, wherever possible, on repairs to stone kerbing to footpaths, retaining walls, sea walls and works of historical nature. Much of our work, in the Auckland region, is for Auckland city council and we prefer to allocate any stonemasonry content, in such contracts, to Auckland Stonemasons Ltd

They have advised us that there is a critical shortage of competent stonemasons and that they are taking steps to overcome this shortage. We definitely would like to see more placed on our contracts but stress that we musty have only skilled and competent and reliable tradesmen. We are required, in our contracts, to meet completion dates and we have found that Auckland Stonemasons Ltd have good track record in this regard. Our company also places great importance on its health and safety pollices and we are pleased to confirm that Auckland Stonemasons Ltd meets our high standards

Yours faithfully
Neil Doherty


City Design

RE: Auckland Stonemasons Ltd

Auckland Stonemasons Ltd have undertaken work for me on coastal erosion projects over a number of years. I found their work to be the highest standard and confirm their extensive experience with coastal projects.

In particular their performance on the Auckland city water frontage projects, particularly Mission Bay and Tamaki Drive seawalls, has been excellent in quality, timeliness and budget.

These projects required high skills in the implementation of the work, good organisational ability and a sensitivity to the environment. Jim lavas and his team performed excellently and we enjoyed very good cooperation on the project.
I recommend Jim and his team very highly.

Phil Consedine


Auckland city

I write to confirm that Auckland Stonemasons Ltd is one of Auckland city’s preferred suppliers and that Auckland Stonemasons Ltd will continue to be invited to provide contracted works in the future.

Auckland Stonemasons Ltd (ASL) provides a very high standard of workmanship and consistently delivers quality outcomes. ASL's excellent track record with Auckland city extends to the quality of staff they employ, their site-management skills, their quality control and health and safety systems.

I have worked with many contractors over the years on a variety of projects and I can confidently say Auckland Stonemasons are reliable, timely, and good company to work with because of their “can do” attitude. The existing relationship between our organisations is constructive and mutually focused on achieving the best value for money on each project.

Kind regards

Surendra Dass


MSC (McGuigan Syme Chilcott LTD)

I confirm that our practice has been involved in many projects in Auckland region where Auckland Stonemasons Ltd have completed stonework structures to a very high standard of workmanship.

These projects include freestanding stonewalls and marine works including erosion protection and earth retaining. Our experience is that the company comprises highly skilled trades people who are fully conversant with the art of stone laying, while having the experience to be able to assist with problem solving at an early stage of the project.

We have no hesitation in recommending the company for any project involving stone and masonry construction.

Yours faithfully

Bob McGuigan

McGuigan Syme Chilcott LTD