The Stonemason Heritage


In the sixteenth century, Michelangelo would habitually specify stone from the Adriatic island of Korcula (off the coast of what is now Croatia). Then, as now, the island was the source of the best stone the world had to offer. Korcula's heritage of superb stone gave rise to generation after generation of those who practice the stonemason's craft. 

In 1927, the Lavas family established Auckland Stonemasons Limited. With them they brought over 1,000 years of stonemasonry craftmanship, experience and knowledge from the Adriatic. Now the third generation of the New Zealand family continues the tradition, upholding the best of the stonemason's craft.

In addition to rock from their own stockpile in Whitford, Auckland Stonemasons have identified a range of types and varieties from New Zealand's rich geological veins. They also source to demand from around the world.

From Auckland's Tamaki Drive sea walls built in the late 1920s, to Mount Cook's Hermitage, to many residential and commercial walls, gate stands, fireplaces, monuments and buildings throughout the region.

The work of Auckland Stonemasons makes a strong local statement for the standards of craftmanship that evolved over hundreds of years in Eastern Europe.